Trained Collaborative Professionals

Click for SCCP's list of Spokane area trained and qualified Collaborative Law professionals per the minimum training recommendations of this association:

       List of Collaboratively trained Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

       List of Collaboratively trained Financial Professionals

       List of Mental Health and Child Specialists

If you are considering utilizing Collaborative Law for your divorce or other family law matter, you should locate and engage the services of a trained and qualified Collaborative Law Family Law and Divorce Lawyer.  There are some attorneys around Spokane who consider themselves cooperative or "collaborative," but who have not made the effort to receive the training necessary to provide the proper negotiation structure for Collaborative Practice that optimizes the likelihood of a successful resolution of your divorce or other family law issues.  With the recent passage of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA), this special out-of-court process has specific requirements that affect the procedures and type of attorney advocacy that is utilized in the collaborative law process.  It takes significant training and understanding of the collaborative law to develop the skills for successful use of this alternative dispute resolution process. 

This Association maintains a listing of those members who are active in the practice of Collaborative Law and who have met the training requirements set by this Association for inclusion on its listing of trained collaborative professionals.  Using this membership list, you will be able to find lawyers and other professionals who have completed formal training as a Collaborative Practice Professional.  With this training, they have the knowledge to properly guide the Collaborative Process to a successful resolution of your divorce.