What is SCCP All About?

Divorce is rarely without pain. However, divorce can hurt less. 

Spokane County Collaborative Professionals (SCCP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of high standards in the practice of Collaborative Law.  Focusing primarily in the area of Family Law, Spokane’s Collaborative Professionals are seeking to change the adversarial approach to divorce.  Spokane County Collaborative Professionals encourages the use of the Collaborative Process for those seeking dissolution.  Divorce does not need to result in anger and hurt.  It is possible to divorce and have both parties very satisfied with the result and very proud of how they have conducted themselves. 

To accomplish this, SCCP has undertaken several public awareness projects.  SCCP  has also seen as a priority the need to provide educational opportunities focused on the Collaborative Law process to attorneys and other professionals who are involved in advising spouses who need assistance in the divorce process.  Lastly, SCCP has established local training standards to help ensure that the public receives consistent high quality service from fully trained and qualified Collaborative Law lawyers and other professional specialists.