Divorce does not have to destroy you.

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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a legal process that keeps you out of the courtroom, so that your family law and divorce issues can be resolved respectfully and without the emotional and financial expense often associated with hiring an attorney and going to court. Spokane County Collaborative Professionals (SCCP) is dedicated to educating the public about this non-adversarial approach to divorce and other family disputes.

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Benefits of Collaborative Law

Collaborative Divorces waste less time and money by avoiding needless fighting. You and your spouse will learn how to avoid expensive court fights. continue reading

Children of divorce

Conflict can be very damaging to children. Collaborative Divorce reduces and manages conflict to minimize negative impact on children. continue reading

Is the process right for you?

The no-court process upon which the Collaborative Process is based is often a welcome alternative to the horror stories of divorce and family dispute resolutions of the past. continue reading